Property Valuation

Obtain the best value

Browns will work hard on your behalf to achieve the best market value. We will use every means at our disposal to encourage as many potential buyers as possible to view and make offers on your home. The ideal scenario is to have more than two interested parties competing to buy your home and this is usually achieved by offering the property at a sensible guide price. Once prospective purchasers view there are a number of things you can do to help to sell your home.

First impressions count

Buyers tend to form an opinion very quickly when they visit your home for the first time and sometimes just by looking at the outside. A tidy uncluttered front garden and a well decorated facade will give the impression that your house is cared for and encourage buyers to make an appointment to view. A For Sale board will attract attention to your home and help people find the property.

Tidy and uncluttered

We appreciate that you need to live in your home and all purchasers realise that they are not looking at a “show home” but the tidier it is and the less cluttered it is the more inviting and larger it will appear to be. Bathrooms and kitchens are very important and should always be clean and tidy when buyers view.

Light and airy

If it is summer open some windows and let the air come in and light dark corners. In the winter make sure all the lights are on and use subtle air fresheners or brewing coffee/fresh flowers or anything that gives an appealing aroma.

Man’s best friend

Pets can be a distraction and you want a buyer to focus on your house. Remember that man’s best friend is not everyone’s friend. Some people are frightened of dogs, particularly larger animals and maybe allergic to cats etc. Fortunately most people love children and particularly young children can be very engaging but the buyers are there to look at your home and children can make concentration difficult!

Be as available as you can

Buyers sometimes want to view at very short notice and can easily be put off viewing, particularly when there are large numbers of properties on the market. Years of experience has taught us that we need to grasp the moment if someone is interested in a property and so making a key available for us to accompany viewers can often be the best method of ensuring that the buyers have easy access to your home. We will always send a suitably qualified person to accompany purchasers and we will take care of your property and ensure that everything is locked up.

What do I need to do?

We are always happy to advise clients if we feel that it is necessary to do work to enhance their home in preparation for a sale. As property experts with years of experience we know what buyers are looking for and where to avoid unnecessary costs.

It is very much in our interests as well as your own to present your property in the best possible light.